Ministering @ CHOOSE LIFE Youth Pretoria on Friday, 25 Jan 2013

We had such an awesome time ministering at CHOOSE LIFE Youth on Friday evening. What a blessing to witness such dedication by youngsters! And all of that on a Friday evening! 

After good friend and brother of mine, Rob Stewart and I arrived, we prayed together with the leadership. The evening was started with praise and worship, and it was as if the Lord gave command to the elements to proclaim what was going to happen in the spirit. The wind grew stronger and stronger and swirled inside the building. As I sounded the shofar to start my ministry session, I sensed the loving presence of the Holy Ghost filling the room and touching hearts.


I spoke on repentance and holiness, and the lies that the enemy keeps on telling us about ourselves. Rob later joined me and we ministered prophetically. We sounded the shofar and all gave a mighty shout to take down every stronghold of the enemy, and proclaimed and declared God's Word over CHOOSE LIFE Youth, their leadership and every member and visitor.

I also firmly believe that certain watchmen and gatekeepers were called last night, that will take up their calling, and serve the Body of Christ in a mighty way.

I am truly very excited about what I have witnessed at CHOOSE LIFE Youth and about what I sense God has in store for them in this season. I sense that by following the lead of the Holy Ghost, they will break fallow ground, and play a leading role in the forthcoming revival amongst the youth, a revival of holiness! Youth Leader Scharl van Staden and his team are called to play a very significant role in God's plan for Pretoria this year. Let us keep all of them in our prayers!

Whenever you are in Pretoria on a Friday evening, feel free to visit and fellowship with these lovely people. Check out their website for details of their weekly program.




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