Feedback report: Wellington, Western Cape Shofar Seminar, 31 August 2013


On Saturday, 31 August 2013, we visited the Western Cape and presented a seminar on the modern day use and modern day significance of the shofar.

The seminar was (very significally) held at the Andrew Murray Centre in Wellington, Western Cape and the theme for the seminar was “Sounding the Call to Repentance”



Topics included:-
•    Short testimony of my calling to this specific ministry of prophetic intercession.
•    Why the sudden drastic increase in the number of people sounding the shofar?
•    Symbolism of the shofar
•    Different types of shofar
•    Traditional shofar sounds and their traditional meanings
•    Christian parallel to the traditional sounds and their meaning
•    Biblical times users of the shofar vs modern day users of the shofar
•    Biblical times application of the shofar vs modern day application of the shofar
•    The power and effect of sound in general
•    Reasons for the special effect of the sounding of the shofar
•    When to sound the shofar and when not
•    Parallel between the construction process of the shofar and the process of sanctification
•    Modern day roles of watchmen and gatekeepers.
•    Practical sessions of shofar sounding with tips and coaching








The seminar was attended by 18 people, all called for very specific strategic roles as intercessors, watchmen and gatekeepers in the area of Wellington and surrounding areas. As we workshopped through the specific roles of intercessors, watchmen and gatekeepers, and shared our walk during the past number of years with each other, it become more and more evident how and why the Lord has been removing certain individuals from the formal, organized, institutionalised, denominational church structure. Not that there is something wrong with the places where they were, but for the purpose He has called them.








I arrived 2 days prior to the event and visited some farms that were heavily affected by the Berg river flood that was in process. The river exceeded the 100 year flood line, and I truly sensed that Lord specifically showed me this in order for me to  understand that He will again flood this specific area with His Living Water to exceed the 100 year spiritual flood lines of former years, like in the time of Andrew Murray.

According to David Bliss of the Andrew Murray Centre, the timing of the seminar was also very significant in the sense that sounding the call to repentance on 31 August 2013, was in sync with the inter-denominational 24/7 week of praywer for repentance in the Boland region that was to be held two weeks later during September 2013.

I also had the opportunity to minister at two home cell groups and minister to and pray with a number of individuals during the course of my 5 day visit to Wellington.

Our very special thanks goes out to Hannelie Smit's obedience to the Voice of the Lord for inviting us during this specific period. Thank you so much also for taking such good care of all the administrative and logistical arrangements, Hannelie you are a star!

I request our prayer partners to keep on praying and we are looking very much forward to see a great move of the Lord in the area very, very soon!

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