2012 Ministry Highlights

Reflecting back on a year is of very little value if it is not compared to the expectations we had of it.

During January of each year we gather as a group of friends and share our expectations and goals for that specific year with one another. We also revisit our expectations of the previous year and compare it to the outcomes.

Last year I sensed that 2012 was mainly going to be a year of strategic positioning.
2012 definitely saw Bald Eagle Ministries being positioned for what the Lord has in store for 2013 and beyond.

Our practical workshops and seminars were mainly presented in Gauteng during 2012.  We regularly attended and supported the Wednesday morning meetings of the Mighty Watchmen of Centurion and we also interceded for and ministered together with some visiting ministries from abroad.
Three times we travelled to the Western Cape, ministering in Mossel Bay, Wellington, and Saldanha Bay. We also had a prophetic mission to Cape Town, prior to our mission to the Mount of Olives in later in the year.

The first weekend of September I was invited to minister at Camp David in Namibia. This opportunity indirectly set up a divine appointment with other current strategic role players in Namibia during my short weekend visit.




On 12 September my wife and I left for our 9 day prophetic mission in Israel, staying at 42 Jaffa Street Jerusalem for the first part of our stay. We worshipped Jesus on the Mount of Olives on 16 September, and then continued on to the Sea of Galilee, and later down to the Dead Sea, sounding the shofar, and performing various prophetic actions and proclamations/declarations.


Upon our return from Israel I was invited to Windhoek to address the nation of Namibia in the Sam Nyoma Stadium on their Day of Repentance, as well as to specifically sound the call to repentance on the shofar over the nation of Namibia.

On 2 December I was invited to sound the shofar at the opening of the Union Buildings Dedication Event, where the country of South Africa was dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Early December the Lord strategically joined me with 3 other prophetic ministries on a very special joint prophetic mission to Ventersdorp in the North West Province of South Africa. We are very excited to see what will happen there in 2013.

During late December I had the privilege of ministering prophetically in the Western Cape again. These meetings were really divine appointments, especially with regards to positioning the ministry strategically for 2013 and beyond.

We were truly privileged and blessed to witness so many salvations and healings during 2012, and are currently waiting in expectation to see what the Lord has positioned us for in 2013. We know that apart from revisiting Namibia and Israel, we still need to visit Holland, Scotland, Zambia, India and Pakistan in the future.


We sincerely thank all of you that contributed towards Bald Eagle Ministries throughout the year by means of your prayers, material and financial support.

Warmest regards and blessings!

Arnold & Hanlie Du Plessis

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