The Bald Eagle's Kickstart Monday Tips for 12 November 2012

Dear friend,

Happy Monday!

With the Springboks win over Ireland and the Proteas doing well against Australia with the cricket, the general mood of the average South African seems to have picked up over the weekend.

On a personal note however, last week saw me really having to dig deep, having to cope with the loss of a dear brother-in-law of mine, whilst I had to also see to it that business had to run as usual. Again I was reminded of the significance of having some very special friends in support of my wife and me during times like these. A very special word of thanks to all of you!

I still believe that laughter is the best medicine, so here is one to jump –start this week.

Laugh of the week:

Drunk student driving home after a party is stopped by a Metro Police Officer.

Officer:     Where are you going, young man?
Student:     On my way to attend a lecture, sir.
Officer:    A lecture you say, what kind of lecture is this?
Student:     It is a lecture on the dangers of the use of tobacco and alcohol, the bad influence friends can have on you and why you need 8 hours of sleep a night.
Officer:     Really? A lecture on all of that at this hour of the night?
Student:     Yes officer, and it is completely free!
Officer:     So young man, tell me, where is this free lecture presented?
Student:     You are welcome to join me, officer, it is there at our home in 5th Avenue, my mother is starts presenting the moment I arrive home.

Hehehe, I am sure that most of us will be able to identify with at least one of the roles above.

In this weekly e-mail, that I aim to send out every Monday, I will aim to encourage and inspire all that read, as well as share a bit of my personal walk here and there. I will also be providing weekly tips on Marketing, Life Coaching and Media in general.

Quote of the Week:

Develop success from failures.
Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. (Dale Carnegie)

Pitch Formula Tip for you - from Rick Freesman (

I will be sharing some tips with you, from my friend Rick Freesman, with regard to pitching formulas that actually work.

Here's a great fill-in-the-blank formula you can use to create a pitch that is guaranteed to grab attention virtually every time ...

* Pitch Formula:  "Ex- _________ reveals ___________________"

And here are a couple of examples of how you might apply it:

Pitch:  "Ex-courier driver reveals how he beat 8 of 10
speeding tickets"

Pitch:  "Ex-psychotherapist reveals 3 dirty little
tricks counsellors and shrinks use to keep you coming back"

Life/ Business Coaching Tip:

As a certified and practising Life Coach, I have come to learn that there are at least twelve things that successful people do that distinguishes them from other people. Visit my blog page to find an article on the above.

Media Tip:

You have written and posted a blog. Great! But now what? How do I make people aware of it?

One powerful little technique is to add your latest blog post headline to your e-mail signature. Many e-mail platforms now have nifty little apps (Wisestamp for Gmail) that will put your latest blog post headline into your e-mail signature automatically.

I trust that whilst reading, you will have found something of value inside.
I am really looking forward to your company every Monday, via this letter.
Please pass this letter on to your friends and let me know if I can help you in any way.

Have a wonderful week- and stay safe!

Warmest regards and blessings!

Arnold Du Plessis

CEO, Bald Eagle Group
Founder and Managing Director, Bald Eagle Productions (Pty) Ltd
Founder and General Manager, Alpha & Omega Productions
Founder and Prophetic Intercessor, Bald Eagle Ministries
71 Molopo Avenue,
Centurion, 0157

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