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Whenever you consider visiting Israel, be sure to contact Dr Gerrit and Martie Nel
BALD EAGLE PRODUCTIONS (Pty) Ltd Professional video production and other media, sound and staging solutions. Experts in professional website video clip productions TV Programs, Professional Music Video,and Event Recordings

Bald Eagle Productions offers videography and editing services to produce corporate videos, web videos, music videos, training videos, industrial videos, and to cover seminars, weddings, special events and conferences.
Pierre Du Toit was called to run a multi-racial, multi-national youth centre in Centurion. We visit there often and can truly testify that this is family in Christ Jesus. Watch the video clip on their website!

They aim to take timeless and positive news to the marketplace, to be a mouthpiece for churches, ministries, NPOs and Christian businesses, and to advocate the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the form of a countrywide newspaper.
The eNochlist is an executive summary of articles, newsletters, and prophecies that are relevant to a habitual walk with God. Subscribe and be blessed by the regular Now Word, written by Schalk Meintjes

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