2013 Annual Review.pdf

A review on the 2013 activities of Bald Eagle Ministries
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Visiting Durban from 24 to 25 August 2011.pdf

A short testimony on an incredible 48 hour mission during August 2011
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Feedback report: Wellington, Western Cape Shofar Seminar, 31 August 2013 - 2013-09-13

  On Saturday, 31 August 2013, we visited the Western Cape and presented a seminar on the modern day use and modern day significance of the shofar. The seminar was (very significally) held at the Andrew Murray Centre in Wellington, Western Cape and the theme for the seminar was “Sounding the Call to Repentance”  ... more

Can Christians Have Victory Over Sin? - 2013-02-16

Can Christians Have Victory Over Sin? - Tract by Dr. J. P. Johnston - E-mail: Is it possible to live above sin? Is it possible to walk in the Spirit all day long? Is it possible to fully obey God? Is it possible to live holy? What would your wife think if you told her that it was impossible for you to live above adultery? Wh... more

Ministering @ CHOOSE LIFE Youth Pretoria on Friday, 25 Jan 2013 - 2013-01-27

We had such an awesome time ministering at CHOOSE LIFE Youth on Friday evening. What a blessing to witness such dedication by youngsters! And all of that on a Friday evening!  After good friend and brother of mine, Rob Stewart and I arrived, we prayed together with the leadership. The evening was started with praise and worship, and it was as... more

2012 Ministry Highlights - 2013-01-06

Reflecting back on a year is of very little value if it is not compared to the expectations we had of it. During January of each year we gather as a group of friends and share our expectations and goals for that specific year with one another. We also revisit our expectations of the previous year and compare it to the outcomes. Last year I s... more

Ministry featured in an article in THE VESSEL/ DIE ERDEKRUIK - 2012-11-30

Uittreksel uit die Die Erdekruik/The Vessel van Oktober/November 2012 (Bladsy 4) ’n Brief aan Die Erdekruik Dirk Venter By een van Die Erdekruik / The Vessel se koffie- en sjokoladeproe geleenthede wat onlangs by Mielé se vertoonlokaal in Brooklyn gehou is, is gaste getrakteer met koffie en sjokolade van hoogstaande gehalte. Di&ea... more

The Bald Eagle's Kickstart Monday Tips for 12 November 2012 - 2012-11-12

Dear friend, Happy Monday! With the Springboks win over Ireland and the Proteas doing well against Australia with the cricket, the general mood of the average South African seems to have picked up over the weekend. On a personal note however, last week saw me really having to dig deep, having to cope with the loss of a dear brother-... more

12 things that successful people do that distinguishes them from other people - 2012-11-11

As a certified and practising Life Coach, I have come to learn that there are at least twelve things that successful people do that distinguishes them from other people. 1. They create and pursue S.M.A.R.T. goals 2. They take decisive and immediate action 3. They focus on being productive, not being busy 4. They make informed decisions 5. Th... more

GENOEG IS GENOEG! - 2012-10-02

Vriende,   Dit is met geregverdigde verontwaarding en keelvolheid (eintlik lê dit bietjie meer suid) dat ek hierdie boodskap skryf en hierdie uitnodiging maak.   In my onlangse handel en wandel  het ek nou amper letterlik daagliks bewus geword van gevalle waar huwelike onder geweldige spanning verkeer en al meer huwel... more


THE MINISTRY OF INTERCESSION There is no holy service But hath its secret bliss: Yet, of all blessèd ministries, Is one so dear as this? The ministry that cannot be A wondering seraph's dower, Enduing mortal weakness With more than angel-power; The ministry of purest love Uncrossed by any fear, That bids us meet At the Master... more

Arnold Du Plessis introducing Bald Eagle Ministries - 2012-08-19

Introducing Arnold's new ministry website, news about the exciting month ahead and special tips on picking the right shofar for you. Enjoy the read! Introducing Bald Eagle Ministries by Arnold Du Plessis When last were you excited? and I mean really, really excited! In recalling such moments of excitement, we will always fin... more

Tips on picking out the right Shofar/Ram's Horn for you... - 2012-08-19

1) If you are a first time buyer, always ask questions, and lots of them.  If you can’t get people to answer your questions, search for books or information on the net. The better you are informed, the better decision you can make in picking out your own Shofar. The most important question however, is to ask God if you need to have one. ... more

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