Dear faithful partners, supporters and friends,

As the Body of Christ all across the globe, we are in one of the most challenging, but exciting seasons of all time. I have just returned from an international strategic prophetic intercession assignment in Pakistan from 11 Oct 2017-19 Oct 2017. I will share my feedback report with all of you once it is completed. Thank you once again for all that supported us with cintinued prayer and a very special word of thanks to the sponsor who funded the entire assignment. God bless you! 

With Pakistan's portion of wealth that was released from the Courts of Heaven earlier this year in Oklahoma City now being delivered to them, it is time to go back to the Church on the Rock In Oklahoma City to collect the rest of the wealth of the Nations that was not taken up. We trust that we will be able to do this during the annual HAPN conference that will be hosted at the Church on the Rock starting 24 Oct 2017. The leadership of HAPN wishes to meet with both Hanlie and I to discuss our possible involvement as representatives of HAPN in South Africa.

All accomodation, transport and meals have been taken care of for this assignment, but we are still trusting God for the finances to pay for the flight tickets. This amounts to roughly R40,000.00 (2,900 US $) Please support us in prayer for this to be provided in time. Latest by 23 Oct 2017. Contact us urgently should you wish to contribute.

From here Hanlie and I will return to South Africa via New York City, where we have a 3 day prophetic intercession assignment to do. After this assignment, back in South Africa, we will be starting to implement and action what we received from the Courts of Heaven.

We are in prayer as to when and how Father wants this to be done. Watch this space for details !

Warmest regards and blessings







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